1. Access to the world’s top specialist in ozone technology. You will have more than information at your
disposal – you will have the seasoned experience of over 1500 individuals who have spent years working
with all facets of ozone technology. Water purification, water reclamation, sewage treatment, odor
control, cooling tower water treatment, food processing, aquatic biofouling, marine depuration, air
purification, and even medical applications are but a few of the applied and experimental uses of ozone
which have been studied in detail by IOA members. With IOA you have access to the equivalent of decades
of problem-solving experience – experience that will save you countless hours of research and

2. Regular, bimonthly updates on the latest developments in equipment, applications, and literature
through the IOA newsletter, Ozone News.
Ozone News presents you with a quick summary of new developments
in ozone technology. Case studies, equipment announcements, research findings, literature abstracts and
hundreds of valuable information items are presented in concise, readable form bimonthly. You will always
know what is happening in ozone and in the IOA as it happens without ever having to leave your office.

3.Detailed analyses of major research and developments through your bimonthly issues of the IOA
Each issue contains abstracts and full articles on a wide
range of ozone issues. In-depth technical findings, application analyses, experimental results,
engineering improvements, system design reports, and hundreds of other vital articles are compiled
specifically for your use. No other publication presents such detailed, problem-solving information on
ozone technology.

4. Listing in WHO’S WHO IN OZONE. This annual resource directory presents the only information
available on ozone specialists throughout the world. Full listings include name, title, company, address,
telephone number, educational background, primary and secondary ozone application experience
(i.e. wastewater treatment, odor control, etc.) and whether an individual’s experience was applied in
experimental or full operating facilities. When you need help, WHO’S WHO identifies the contacts who are
most likely to have the background and experience you need to solve your problem.

5. Periodic monographs on special issues relating to ozone applications. As new data becomes
available on different uses of ozone, IOA assembles special, topical publications providing
state-of-the-art information. As a member of IOA, you will have the opportunity to develop a detailed
library on ozone applications which will serve as a useful reference resource now, and in the future.

6. An opportunity to participate in the biennial International Ozone World Congress at member
discounted rates.
The World Congress offers a unique educational opportunity to visit plant operations
in foreign countries, to interface with world ozone specialists, to hear detailed presentations on the
latest developments in ozone, and to participate in the only ozone technology exhibition in existence.
The Congress is the only open forum for direct international exchange of ozone technology, an exchange
that will provide you with the latest available data.

7. Special membership discounts of 25% or more for technical meetings and seminars. In addition
to the Biennial World Congress, IOA annually sponsors up to three special seminars giving in-depth
instruction on the latest technological advancements in ozone. Your membership in IOA will keep you
posted on the latest meeting developments – meetings that will give you information that is not available
from any other source.

8. Meeting proceedings. Can’t travel to all the important meetings? IOA proceedings are offered
to all members at special discounted rates. We make it easy for you to have access to the latest in ozone

9. Legislative reports and information on Government regulations. IOA’s Washington office will
keep you informed on the latest legislative and regulatory reforms affecting ozone applications in
business, industry, municipalities and other environmental arenas.

10. International recognition for contributions you make. IOA annually sponsors an international
awards program to recognize contributions made by individuals and companies to the technology and
technology transfer of ozone. You can receive international recognition by your peers for your industry