Effect of Ozone on Aspergillus niger Causing Black Rot Disease in Onion

Author V. R. Vijayanandraj, D. Nagendra Prasad, N. Mohan, M. Gunasekaran
Year 2006
Location Volume 28 Issue 5 Pages 347 – 350
DOI 10.1080/01919510600900035
The effect of ozone on Aspergillus niger causing black rot disease in onion was studied in culture. Ozone induced the spore germination in all treatments and few spores showed rapid swelling, resulting in the production of 2-3 germ tubes per spore compared to control. Although all the ozone treated spores germinated, all of them did not produce uniform colony morphology. Some colonies which developed from ozone treated spores failed to produce spores and such colonies appeared as grey patches of mycelia without spores amidst surrounding black sporulating colonies. Further work is in progress to study the mechanism involved in formation of sterile mycelia by ozone.

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