International Ozone Association

Pan American Group (PAG) 

Conference Committee

The Conference Committee coordinates different aspects of conference planning (registration, exhibit hall, sponsorships, receptions, food and beverage, audio/visual needs)

Membership Committee

The Membership Committee develops strategies to improve membership value and increase IOA-PAG membership.

Municipal Committee

The Municipal Committee develops guidance to improve the design, operation, and maintenance of municipal ozone systems.  

Technical Program Committee

The Technical Program Committee develops a high-quality conference program representing the interest of the IOA membership.

ROPES Committee

Learn the ROPES with the Rookie Ozone Professionals, Enthusiasts, and Students Committee.  Please visit the ROPES Committee Webpage for more information.

Industrial Committee

The Industrial Committee's mission is to promote current uses of ozone in a wide range of industrial applications and to share expertise of our members and others to expand the successful use of ozone through webinars and publications.

Regulatory Committee

The Regulatory Committee's goals are to:

• Educate state and province regulators about the safe and successful use of ozone as a treatment method for municipal drinking water and water reuse.

• Using the IOA’s municipal installation list, point regulators to facilities in their states/provinces where ozone is being used to provide municipal water treatment.

• Develop a webinar to provide training for the regulators on the proper use of ozone for municipal water treatment.

• Track changes to regulations in the municipal water and reuse markets that could affect the use of ozone, i.e. ozone + BAF for California’s rules for direct potable reuse.

• Invite selected regulators to IOA annual conference.

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